Beverly Hills - Los Angeles - Frazier Mountain - California  USA - Qigong Healing Institute
Qigong Healing Revolution Events


1. October 6th - Triangular Center for Spiritual Living - 12-2:00pm
1938 S. Western Avenue; Los Angeles, CA 90018

2. October 17th - Frazier Park Library - 1-3:30pm
3732 Park Drive, Frazier Park, CA 93225

3. October 26th - Beverly Hills Roxbury Park Complex - 1-3:30pm
471 S Roxbury Dr., Beverly Hills, CA  90212

Join the Revolution to heal the body and clear the mind. Celebrate this transformation process with certified Qigong Healers from the Qigong Healing Institute.

Come and bring your family and friends.  Begin to clear emotional and physical challenges through movement, breath-work, chanting, meditation and much more. 

Kindly RSVP by text at 310-722-8877, email at