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Qigong Class (60 minutes) - Qigong improves the various bodily functions by improving the body's natural energy flow and capacity with simple standing or seating postures, body movement and harmonized breath. The simple movements were developed by Chinese over the last 5000 years to follow the natural flow of the earth's energy and improve the circulation of internal Qi (Chi) from the body and external Qi from nature, utilizing this energy to stimulate and balance the various functions of the body, improving health, well-being and inner peace.  Click here to sign up for this class

Tai Chi Class (60 minutes)- Tai Chi is well-known for bringing the mind, body and spirit together to improve balance, prevent injury and promote good health. This powerful yet peaceful martial art will help clear the mind, reduce stress, enhance flexibility along with promoting overall wellness. The steps are soft and the slow movements are simple. The postures and movements all accord with the principles of yin and yang and build an intimate awareness with one’s natural internal and external energy building a great sense of inner peace.   Click here to sign up for this class

Healing Class (90 minutes)- while sitting in a chair or on the floor, attendees will direct movement, breath and mind focus through meditation, qigong and tai chi to heal the body, mind and spirit.  This class can be attended by all level clients.  Love Donation

Push Hands Class (60 minutes) In this class you will learn to interact with others with Qi. Push Hands is an interactive energy activity that teaches the client how to root into the ground, cultivate more qi and to extend qi outward.  Basic push hands principles are built around qi cultivation techniques along with interior and exterior neutralization of in-coming qi from others.   Call 310-722-8877 to set up an appointment.  

Bagua Class (Baguazhang) (Private Training Only) Bagua is an internal martial art and a healing activity using circle walking, or "turning the circle", as it is sometimes called, circle walking is baguazhang's characteristic method of stance and movement training. The form of baguazhang utilize circle walking prevalently as an integral part of training. Students walk around the edge of the circle in various low stances, facing the center, and periodically change direction as they execute forms. For a beginner the circle is six to twelve feet in diameter. Students first learn flexibility and proper body alignment through the basic exercises, then move on to more complex forms and internal power mechanics. Although the internal aspects of baguazhang are similar to those of hsing I and tai chi chuan, they are distinct in nature.  Call 310-722-8877 to set up an appointment.

Hsing I Class (Xingyiquan) (Private Training Only)  Hsing I is an internal martial art which can express aggressive shocking attacks and direct footwork along with energizing Qi movements . The linear nature of Hsing I hints toward military origins. Despite its hard, angular appearance, cultivating soft internal strength or Qi is essential to achieving power in Hsing I.  Students  use coordinated movements to generate bursts of power intended to overwhelm the opponent, simultaneously attacking and defending. Forms include barehanded sequences and versions of the same sequences with a variety of weapons.  These sequences are based upon the movements and fighting behavior of a variety of animals. Training methods allow for progress through increasing difficulty in form sequences, timing and fighting strategy and provide a powerful activity to build the Qi for health.  Call 310-722-8877 to set up an appointment.

Tai Chi Sword Class (60 minutes)  Experience all the benefits of a regular tai chi class but learn how to experience and send life force into another object.  In this class a chinese tai chi sword is the object used in an ancient tai chi sword form set that brings a great sense of power and awareness into the experience.  The postures and movements all accord with the principles of yin and yang and build an intimate awareness with one’s natural internal and external energy building a great sense of inner peace. Click here to sign up for this class.

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Personal Qigong Prescriptions - schedule an appointment with a Qigong Healing Institute Qigong Practitioner to work with specific qigong prescriptions designed to assist western medicine in addressing and healing your physical condition.  

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Private Qigong Consultations for Health

Please call 310-722-8877 to schedule a private qigong consultation to build the life force in your body and begin to move toward better health!